By Asma and Reem

Pick of the Week: Ryan Storer

Of all the wielding jewelled ear-cuff designers, we'd have to say Ryan Storer tops them all. The Australian designer's Swarovski clad, rose-gold plated ear-cuffs are a big hit in the industry. Models like Cara Delevingne and Georgia May Jagger are seen showing them off, and even Susie Bubble gave them a try! We're practically green with envy. Australian designers like Dion Lee and Sass & Bide also collaborated with him on their collections. And if you were to ask us, why not? We're quite sure Storer has succeeded at gaining a loyal following. 

House of Ronald: Bulletproof

If anything was fierce in fashion, it was House of Ronald's latest collection at Fashion Forward. Fashion's modern warriors strutted down the runway, ready to leave the crowd aghast with wonder. London-born Ronald Abdala first graduated from The Fashion Design and Marketing Institute in Los Angeles, then began making his rounds at ESMOD, Centrail Saint Martins, and later worked under the wing of Rabih Kayrouz. It's safe to say that the Lebanese designer is now recognised as one Lebanon's heavy-weights in fashion. 

Title of show: Bulletproof

We loved the collection's themes, which were empowerment, rebellion, and strength. Ronald Abdala has a clear image in his mind of what he wants the House of Ronald woman to be, and has translated that into his newest collection. One of the symbols of strength were the geometric printed bullet motifs, featured on tops and necklines. Guns out? Yes!

The colour palette was mostly dark, with a few lighter shades here and there.

One of the distinguished items in the collection were the leg warmers. They added more aggression; making a statement. Honestly, we found it pretty cool that the designer decided to add such an important accessory. 

The sequins, textures, and several other fabrics proved to all work perfectly together. For instance one of the gowns featured a lace neckline and navy-blue sequins, which was pretty awesome. Another genius look was the grey velvet robe-dress, that had a black neckline cascading onto the rest of the dress: beautiful!

It seems that House of Ronald was successful yet again in showing his audience what a great couturier he is, and that dresses can be hostile and attractive. Call it a victory.

Courtesy of Getty Images.

Jean Louis Sabaji: Spring Narrative

Insects are definitely what we didn't expect at the Jean-Louis Sabaji show. We've heard a many great things about the Lebanese designer while we waited outside the venue, and the audience were eager to see what he would unveil this season. Sabaji graduated from the Lebanese American University, and then went onto the Milan Domus Academy to showcase his creations to the Italians.

As the show began, a spectrum of magical couture pieces glided down the runway, illuminating the atmosphere with their exquisite beauty. JLS adorned the first few looks of the collection with 3D bumblebees and beetles. Putting our fear of insects aside, we loved how he placed them on each piece of clothing. Instead of looking tacky, JLS made it clear that couture can attain humour. A vision of a vivid springtime nature was brought to life by the designer, as the textures were obviously swaying; demanding utmost attention from the audience. It was hard to look away! 

Some dresses were fashioned in coiled breastplates, others decorated with handcrafted techniques. Branches of flowers circled white gowns, creating a Greek goddess look. The rest of the cutout sleeveless gowns demonstrated how beautifully the clothes move as a cascade of a silk train followed behind. One thing that we definitely want to get our hands on? The blue patent leather suit and the black striped pantsuit. Now those are pieces you fashion fanatics definitely want to make a home for in your closet. 

If Jean-Louis Sabaji didn't make it to the top of the couture chain in the Middle-Eastern industry by now- we don't know who will. 

Courtesy of Getty Images

Pick of the Week: Acne Studios Croc- Effect Leather Sandals

We are always on the lookout for heels that are different and versatile. Something that stands out,  but not too much, you know? These heels by Acne Studios are perfect to pair up with a casual outfit. Very simple but that leather croc effect makes all the difference. If you think of it, they would also look great for a night out, no?