By Asma and Reem

Pick of the Week: Percossi Papi

These gold plated silver earrings by Percossi Papi are beautiful not only because they are made with amethysts and pearls, but also because the Italian craftsmanship is apparent. They are also perfectly handmade. We love how these pair are combined by different elements- the sun and the moon. It adds a mystical effect, that of gypsies but with a more refined and elegant structure. Two things that are all but hidden from sight.  

Note to our Muslim readers: these earrings are perfect for Ramadan don't you think?

Killer Kaftans

Every Ramadan we go through the inescapable need to stock up on kaftans- since it's basically what everyone wears during that month. In Ramadan, only the most luxurious kaftans can be worn after sunset. If you didn't at least have one kaftan in your closet, then something is wrong for a fact. It's an occasion where you need a dress that is demure, and modest. Throughout fashion history, the kaftan has preserved its elegance and sensuality, appealing to a worldwide audience. Kaftan wearers retain a certain posture of grace and refinement. Besides, what better piece to wear in the scorching heat than a kaftan? We ourselves are obsessive about kaftans as one can mostly be. After all, it's flawless whether you pair it with tons of accessories or if you just want to keep it simple. Call it power-dressing. 

Dolce & Gabbana Take Their Alta Moda Collection To Capri

If anything was as magical as an Italian fairy-tale, it was Dolce and Gabbana's Alta Moda F/W 2014 collection in the island of Capri. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, "Alta Moda" means "high fashion" in Italian. The collection was one of its kind, a startling ode to the island itself. Not to mention the duo's strategic thinking of having their 200 attendees arrive by boat just adds some fuel to the fire. It proved to serve as the most adventurous kind of runway we've witnessed 'til now in Roma's Alta Moda. 

Now onto the clothes. Dreamy pompous gowns struck the hearts of buyers, making it more a piece of art than just something to wear. In addition to precious Filigree crowns to wow the crowd, Dolce and Gabbana did more than what we saw in Paris. It almost makes us want to announce that Alta Moda reigns over the usual French couture, as blasphemous as it may seem.

"It's about the beauty of Italy - we don't really have Alta Moda here - we wanted to do something for our country," said Stefano Gabbana

Although there was the usual bouts of florals, we've come to accept the fact the Dolce and Gabbana's are a different kind, and more of a signature. Take that florecore. A surprise we weren't expecting was the use of fur boots in the collection that were actually paired with swimwear; we're definitely not used to seeing that on their runways. A drastic change in styling, maybe? The sandals with gathered beaded flowers all made up for it though, and we kind of wished their were on offer now to wear for this summer. The sooner, the better after all! 

Images via The Telegraph, Vogue UK and The Wall Street Journal.

Fashion Flashback: Chanel Autumn/ Winter 2004- 2005

Couture is fashion that is constructed by hand. Do you know how difficult it is to perfect couture? Do you know how long it takes to make a couture collection? Among all of the couture collections we have seen, this deserves respect simply because we have watched what went behind the scenes of this Chanel couture collection. How? Well, some of you might recognise the fashion documentary "Signé Chanel". Signé Chanel is a miniseries documentary that showed what went behind the scenes while creating Chanel's Couture A/W 2004- 2005 collection. This fashion documentary is one of its kind because it allows the audience to appreciate a couture collection even more. It shows the emotions of the seamstresses, the staff, and even Chanel's own braid maker who happens to be a farmer. It shows their moments of glory, their downfall, and how they manage to finish everything in the last minute.

We love it when Karl focuses on tweed when designing a Chanel collection. After all, we certainly believe that tweed is Chanel. For Chanel's A/W 2004- 2005 collection, Karl shifted his focus on tweed (and this explains why Signé Chanel had its focus on the French farmer who creates Chanel's braids). If you notice carefully, none of the models are carrying a Chanel bag. This is because this collection had so many details. We believe that Karl wanted the buyers to appreciate the details more this time. Notice how the models' hairs were styled with feathers and hats. Not only that, but the feathers and the hats themselves are extraordinary simply because of the marvelous details that they possess. It's pretty obvious that not all the hats are the same, and the feathers come in different sizes and shapes. The underskirts, white lace ruffles, and the neck bows show the Lagerfeld in Chanel, and we have to say, who doesn't love a little bit of Lagerfeld in Chanel?

Below are parts from Signé Chanel

Images via

Pick of the Week: Mochi

A brand that focuses on different cultures, Mochi is a go-to brand for a creative fix. This patchwork skirt from the brand's Jaipur collection features hand-embroidered colourful patterns that goes perfectly with a simple plain top for this summer. It's an effortless mix of culture, modernity and design.